Under the Willow

Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Many people travel on long weekends,  a lot of people work on big home projects and a lot of people do nothing but relax.  We'll I don't have a project exactly, but I am planning to work on the yard, work on the coop, and do some work around the house. So, a lot to do but nothing exciting.  Did I mention it is way to hot to be working outside!  Oh well. 
Labor Day is always exciting for me because that means it is September and that means it's almost fall, and that means it is almost Halloween!!!!  I have been researching Halloween decorations and costumes and I can't wait to get started.  I may even try another attempt on making that witch wreath. 
Have a good weekend!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, August 26, 2013


Shameless dog photo shoot! 

Roxie wasn't really feelin' it.

Talley was okay with it.

Sleepy time photo shoot!

Friday, August 23, 2013

To Do List

My to do list lately has been very long, and I'm not sure it is getting any shorter, but here are some things I've marked off lately.

Assemble new furniture.  Unfortunately, I still have another piece to assemble.

Craft Project.  It's a little difficult to see but the M in the middle is covered with glitter!  Who doesn't love glitter.

Sew a table cloth.  Still needs to be ironed.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Master Bedroom Headboard

I have finally got around to making a headboard for the master bedroom.  This has been on my to do list for 5 years!!!  With the house looking more clean and organized these days I have been trying to get my rooms to look more pulled together and done too.  

First I built a frame.

I bought foam and fabric to make the headboard.  Cut the foam to size.

First lay out the fabric flat.

Then the foam.  You may also wish to have a layer of batting between the foam and the fabric.  I did not have any on hand so I just went without. 

Line up the frame on top of the foam, making sure you have enough fabric to pull over the edges of the frame.

Get your staple gun and start stapling.

You want to start in the center of one of the long sides, pull the fabric taught and staple.

Ideally you want to only put one staple and then repeat on other side but I cheated a bit and did a few more since my headboard was so long and narrow.  The idea is to move from top to bottom and then side to side only putting in a staple or two so that you pull evenly from each side.  So one in the bottom, move to the top, pull taught, staple.  Move to the right side, pull taught, staple, move to the left, pull taught, staple, then repeat as many times as you need till you get close to the corners.  Once you have put one staple on each side you will start to put two, one on the left side of the first staple and one on the right, moving closer to the corners as you go.  Again since my headboard is so long I was doing several on the top and bottom and only a few on the sides. on the sides.

So at this point I have stapled most of the way around and am ready to fold the corners.There are different ways to do this.  I think about if I want the seem to show on the top and bottom or sides, and then I fold the seem under to try and hide it.

Hidden right?

I had purchased cleat at a craft store that is used to hang artwork.  

I followed the instructions and screwed it into the frame of my headboard.

The other piece needs to be screwed into the wall above my bed.

 So now it just needs to be steamed and hung!  This headboard was quite a challenge for me because we have a king size bed, and I made the headboard even wider than the bed.  I hope it will give the master bedroom a more finished look.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Cleaning and Organizing

I have talked a little before about wanting to have a more organized home.  No matter what I did other things seemed to get in the way.  Large projects, like building the chicken coop, took all of my free time and caused me to neglect the house ever more.  It got to the point where we looked like we could be a pile away from an episode of hoarders.  So lately I have just been cleaning, organizing and simplifying.  

First step, getting rid of things we don't need.  Second step, organizing and putting things where they belong.







Of course, I am not done yet.  But my husband and I have made a lot of progress.  When we are done I will be needing to re-evaluate my maintenance plan.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Ramp for the Girls

My husband and I have two miniature dachshunds, whom we love like they were our children (in case you hadn't noticed).  Since dachshunds have such long backs and short legs they are prone to back problems and have trouble walking up and down stairs.  So my husband built this ramp to the front porch.  We have been training the girls to use it, and so far it has been working really well. 
I decided to try and keep it looking nice, so I painted it.  Also it is a little steep and they slip a bit if they are not going fast enough so we decide to add some anti-skid thread tape.  Talley is still getting use to it, but it works really well.

Over all we are pretty happy with it, but we are concerned that the black tape has to much contrast to the white paint and that the stripes may look a bit funny.  What do you think?

Friday, August 9, 2013

Fun Project

And the lyrics I have been painting on canvas for... I don't know... forever, are finally done.   I am not 100% happy with it (this is a problem I often have), but I think it looks pretty good.  It sure took enough time.
I tried to give a different style to the different phrases in the song.  I think that gave it the "something" that it needed.

The lyrics are from The Best Is Yet To Come by Frank Sinatra. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Mirror Time

I had been wanting to frame the mirrors in the bathrooms for a while.  Since I had finally re-done the master  bathroom I decided I needed to finally frame that mirror.  The mirrors in our house are strange.  They are already framed with pieces of mirror, only on three sides, the top, right and left sides, not the bottom.
I ended up using two different trim pieces so I could space everything out correctly and cover the mirror frame.  On the wood that wasn't already primed white I made sure to paint the back before applying to the mirror because you can always see a bit of it reflected in the mirror.
My husband helped me cut the pieces and then I glued them to the mirror with liquid nails.  Not sure if that is the right adhesive to use, but so far it is working for me.

After the adhesive dried I removed the tape and gave the frame a quick first coat of paint. 

I then taped around the frame and the counter top so I could finally caulk.  I caulked every seam.  Between the wood and the mirror, between the two wood trim pieces, between the frame and the counter, and between the counter and the wall.  This way the frame would have a  nice solid look. 

Once the caulk dried I then gave the frame a second coat of paint and touched up the blue paint as well.

And here it is, done! May still needs some cleaning but it is so exciting to finally have those annoying mirror trim pieces covered!  Now I just have to do this in two other bathrooms.