Under the Willow

Friday, June 8, 2012

My new chair

So again I forgot to take a before picture.  At goodwill several weeks ago I found a chair that I could paint and use in my craft room.  It was just a medium tone wood with a cream seat.   And now ...

It will be perfect for long hours at my sewing machine.  Now if I can only get the room and all my supplies organized and ready.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

There is always more to be done!

This year I have made a goal for myself to get organized and to do better at cleaning and maintaining my home.  I have been struggling!  There are not enough hours in the day.  So I am going to try something new.  The idea is to make a list of small chores that can be done in just a few minutes, so that anytime you have just a little time you can pick something from the list, do it, and forget it.  You list all the chores on separate pieces of paper and put them in one of two jars.  The one jar is to do, the other is done.  When you run out of things in the to do jar you start over.  Eventually it adds up, things get done, and you are suppose to become more aware of the moments of spare time that you waste on a daily basis.  It's worth a shot!